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Mark Stoops Announces Covid Cases Throughout Coaching Staff

Covid seems to be taking on anyone and everyone as we're seeing it spread through colleges all across America. Last week it sidelined Clemson star and likely No. 1 overall pick, Trevor Lawrence. A few weeks ago Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban announced he had gotten it, and today, Michigan States Tom Izzo announced he now has it. It seems to not be afraid of anyone, and programs all across the country are doing everything they can to prevent their team from getting it and having a major outbreak.

During Mark Stoops press conference with the media this afternoon, he announced that 3 of his members of his offensive coaching staff have the Coronavirus, although he did not say which ones. “We’re dealing with some situations here right now. I am down three offensive staff members right now who are not here, so we just have to deal with it the way it comes at us and do the best we can.” Mark says he will rely on his graduate assistants to help fill out the offensive side as they enter versus Vanderbilt short handed.

Stoops was asked if this had been a big issues over the last few weeks, and he responded with, “I don’t think I’m allowed to get into specifics on that but yeah, we have issues with COVID. It’s not out of control. Let’s hope it stays that way.”

I guess that's all you can do. When a case breaks out, try to get on top of it as quick as you can so it doesn't spread to the rest of the team.

As of now, no players have been tested positive for Covid, and Kentucky hopes to keep it that way as they move forward.



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