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Mark Stoops Explains His Decision To Look For A New Offensive Coordinator

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

It has been one week since offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello was let go after one season on the Kentucky staff and we are just now getting another media opportunity to speak with head coach Mark Stoops on why he chose to make the call.

During his Monday press conference to preview the bowl game and the upcoming offseason, he was asked pretty quickly on what the future looks like for the OC role on the staff.

“There’s many reasons and many factors that go into it as you can imagine. I’ll be guarded in that out of respect that I have for Rich (Scangarello) and all of our coaches. I think he is a very good football coach and very bright. Sometimes things don’t work out and sometimes you need to make a change for a variety of reasons," said Stoops. He continued with, "I don’t want to throw one or two of those out there and have it grab a headline, but obviously I felt the change was needed or else I would not have done it. I’m very excited about where this could lead. I’m in the middle of talking to several people. I had a great conversation with a potential candidate yesterday. I’m going to meet with another one here this week. I’ve already spoken to several others. So, I feel like there’s some very good options out there and I’m not going to limit myself. We’ll see where it goes. I’m optimistic, I’m excited, I think each time this position seems to open up there is even more and more interest in the job, which is a good sign to me.”

As he plans to find his next guy, his fourth in the last 4 seasons, Mark was asked what exactly he'll be looking for this time around, after Rich just didn't work out here.

“There are definitely things to think about there. One of the things, again without talking negatively about anybody, but I said it postgame Louisville, one of these last press conference we had, I definitely think taking that long to spit out play calls and some of that terminology with the NFL scheme, I have to think about. Running a play every 37-38 seconds, I definitely want to look at that. I’m not interested in going that slow," said Mark Stoops.

On the verge of finding his next OC, he was also asked if he'll handle it himself or decide to consult a 'group effort' in doing so. He said that he "always takes input and calls and there’s a lot people out there with a lot of knowledge and people I respect. (I’m) Fielding a lot of phone calls and vetting a lot of people. I’ll handle it pretty much by myself for the most part.”

Finally on the subject, does he have a timetable for the announcement? Not exactly, and they are keeping their cool during the process.

“We’re holding court in the transfer portal. There’s no panic here. You have to have some urgency about it, but no panic. I’m not going to rush things. It’s vitally important that we have the right guy. You have to get the right person, rather than rush just to get one player or to worry about that. We’re staying steady in recruiting. I think we’re going to do well in the portal. I don’t want to panic there and want to get the right guy.”

As many of you have already seen online, most fans would like to see Liam Coen make his return to the Commonwealth. He is currently employed with the Rams organization, the same job he left Kentucky for just under a year ago. While all of that is opinion based as of now, there have been some reports alluding to him being contacted for a potential return during this decision by Mark.

I think the overall answer from the fanbase is a "yes please," but until anything becomes official, we will just have to wait on it.

So, I guess we are on #CoenWatch starting now? Let's do this.


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