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Mark Stoops to LSU gaining steam

We haven’t even gotten out of regular season play and the talk of Mark Stoops potentially leaving Kentucky has already began. It’s no secret that there have several job openings this season in the NCAA and LSU might just be the number one job after the firing of Ed Orgeron. It was reported last week, by KSR’s Matt Jones, that Mark Stoops was on LSU’s list of potential candidates to fill the position.

Now once again I’m not saying that Mark Stoops is 100% going to LSU but I do think it is something to keep and eye on especially during the off season, which will be here before you know it. However, Bruce Feldman, from The Athletic has expressed that Mark Stoops is slowly becoming a legitimate candidate for LSU.

It is unclear and none of us know what Stoops’ thought process on the whole situation is but he has made it pretty clear over and over again that he is happy at Kentucky and is dedicated to making Kentucky a legit contender in the SEC.

“I have no control over that,” Stoops said on Monday in regards of other schools being interested in him. “I don’t want that out there. I don’t want that distraction. I don’t ask for it. As I mentioned jokingly weeks ago when somebody mentioned that, I’d rather it be that than you guys all talk about when they’re going to fire me. I can only control trying to win and build a program here. I think we can all understand I’ve been nothing but committed to doing that here and plan on doing that.”

We will probably know within the next week or two about the LSU job because I assume they would like to hire someone fairly quickly so that the transition will be easier for the new head coach, whether that be Mark Stoops or not. In the mean time we have a big game this Saturday at Louisville so let’s focus on that. Go CATS!



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