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Mark Stoops Publicly Comments On Texas A&M Offer

Mark Stoops was heavily linked with the Texas A&M head coaching position over the weekend which started from some Saturday rumblings before the Louisville matchup. As it was just internet only, since then, Mark Stoops confirms that his focus was on beating the top-ten in-state rival for the fifth straight season and keeping the Governor’s Cup in Lexington.

A few hours after the win, the news took some serious weight as a major Texas A&M site went with the report that Mark Stoops had accepted their head coaching position which was then followed by 247Sports and many others in the following hours. It looked like a done-deal and fans were in full force venting their reactions across the internet as if it actually had happened. People who spent the late hours of Saturday following the news will tell you it was literally the post-Stoops era at that point. Fans were fighting for him to stay, many reflected on his time here, and a few were happy about the news of his departure. I can say I was on the side of wanting him to stay as I voiced that all over the bird app throughout the night, but it was a wild night with many turning events that looked like a lock for Mark to start that plane ride down to College Station.

That was until a report came out around midnight from KSR’s Matt Jones taking the stand that he was staying at Kentucky. As many know, he is personal friends with Assistant Coach Vince Marrow so one would assume that was the source in which of course you trust the following report. He posted online that he was with Vince that night, so once the report came out it eased a lot of the fanbase and seemed almost certainly fact that Mark was staying. Roughly 15 minutes later, Mark Stoops followed up with a tweet confirming he was indeed remaining as the coach of Kentucky's football program.

“I know there’s been much speculation about me and my job situation the last couple of days. It’s true I was contacted about a potential opportunity this weekend, but after celebrating a big win against our rivals with players I love like family, I knew in my heart I couldn’t leave the University of Kentucky right now. I have a great job at a place I love, and I get to work with the best administration and greatest fan base in college football right where I’m at. I’m excited to say I’m a Wildcat!” said Mark Stoops.

Sunday was full of debates, rumors, and Mark Stoops related conversations until the new week arrived and the Kentucky head coach got a chance to speak publicly about the weekend. Monday’s weekly noon press conference was a no-go as that ends with the regular season, but his weekly call-in show still resumed on Monday evening where of course he was asked about it first thing. Here’s his comments that were streamed on the UK Healthcare Mark Stoops Show.

“I simply agreed to a conversation that night. I was pursued by another opportunity… I am right where I want to be. With a great team, and a bunch of players, an administration and a bunch of people that are aligned…”

Mark Stoops says he’s happy to continue his streak as the winningest head coach in program history and to keep building what he’s already created here in Lexington. As a head coach, when a program with more talent in its history comes knocking at your door of course you listen. I don't think fans should fault him for that. It would be hard to say that you wouldn't do the same. But after a brief conversation with Texas A&M, he realized this is still where he wants to be for the time being and that's what matters the most. The most successful coach in program history wants to stay and keep building on the success he's already had? You going to resent him and ask him to leave? I don't think so.

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