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Mark Stoops Reflects On The Outcome Of The First Game

(Image via Sports Illustrated)

Across the board I believe we can agree that game one wasn't as impressive as we would have hoped for it to be. Head coach Mark Stoops says he's happy to still be undefeated, but that his team has "a lot to work on between week one and week two."

In his opening statement, he says he wants his team to clean up the protection from his offensive line, capitalizing in the end zone moving forward, and bring confidence each game as if they have a chip on their shoulder or something to prove. "We need to learn from that, we need to improve."

Stoops also says he was glad to see the older guys as well as the younger guys that have been mentioned throughout the entire summer show up as expected, which showcases an exciting future surrounded by a (mostly) new landscape of faces.

He goes into more detail for about ten minutes in this link to his press conference, breaking down specific moments from tonight's game as well as answering questions from reporters.

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