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MBB Freshman Uniform Numbers Selected For Next Season

As each class comes through this program, it becomes more and more apparent that each one of them grew up with social media being so prevalent in their lives. We're now to a point where social media was never not around for them, so just about everything that happens to them makes it online for public consumption. For the better or for the worse, it is what it is, but that does also translate to a lot of news not staying quiet as long as the staff maybe hopes for.

Over the weekend, it appears the freshmen on the men's basketball team got to choose their jersey numbers for the upcoming season. Most of the players posted their jersey number selection that is showcased above their locker, onto their Instagram.

Jersey numbers for the 2023-24 season:

Robert Dillingham (0)

Justin Edwards (1)

Aaron Bradshaw (2)

Reed Sheppard (15)

Joey Hart (20)

DJ Wagner (21)

Jordan Burks (23)

I'm assuming that the returning players kept the numbers that they had last year, which would put Adou Thiero with No. 3, Brennan Canada with No. 14, Grant Darbyshire with No. 13, Kareem Watkins with No. 25, and Ugonna Onyenso with No. 33. It looks like Walker Horn might've been booted from his number of 21, to DJ Wagner. So his number is to be determined.

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