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Miami OH's WR Room - 2 Headed Monster

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

As the countdown is getting excitingly close to kickoff (7 days, 20 hours, 28 minutes and 51 seconds), I decided what better way to pass some time than to preview some RedHawk football, so you don't have to. After doing some intensive research on the matter, I found plenty of material that would suggest the RedHawks' receiving room is laid out a lot like the Kentucky squad, in terms of a mixture between well-rounded young talent and important Power 5 transfers.

After finishing 2nd in the MAC East last year and going 7-6 to finish the season, Miami looks to bounce back as a favorite to win their division. After losing lead receiver Jack Sorenson, as he pursues his dream as an NFL player, the RedHawks look to replace the over 3,000 yard, 20 touchdown career contributor, as Mac Hippenhammer will add to his legacy as a duel-sport athlete by returning for his senior year. Hippenhammer, the former Penn State receiver, is a former teammate of star Kentucky QB Will Levis, playing together with the Nittany Lions.

Miami will look to add another playmaker to the offensive scheme, as they add Miles Marshall to the roster. The Indiana junior transfer from Liburn, GA reeled in 22 receptions that resulted in 311 yards, averaging 14.1 yards per catch. Marshall is a former 3-star recruit that is great in man-to-man coverage and has a knack for making plays off of deep routes. The 6-4, 205 pound wideout will look to make an impact on the unproven defensive back room. Head coach of the RedHawks Chuck Martin has been very big on Marshall, shouting him out multiple times throughout fall camp.

The Miami offense seems to be a step behind that of Kentucky, not only in talent, but Chuck Martin has made it very well-known that his depth at wide receiver has been lacking. The transfer portal could definitely help out with that depth and give Kentucky's defense a challenge come September 3rd. There has been plenty of preseason hype around the Miami program based off potential from the young receivers, so is it possible we could see a new star emerge against the Cats? The entire situation seems VERY similar.


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