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Mitch Barnhart addresses fan attendance for Football season

This morning UK's Athletic Director held a press conference for the introduction of the universities newest Cheerleading Head Coach, Ryan Martin O'Connor, on a zoom call in which he was asked about fan attendance for Kentuckys football season opener on September 3rd vs. Eastern Michigan.

With the pressure spotlighted on UK due to the Kentucky Derby announcing that they're allowing spectators to attend on September 5th, Kentucky fans are just waiting for the green light.

Mitch follows up the question by saying the decision has yet to be made, but "we're working our way through those details." He continues with, "I think there's going to be clearly conversations as it relates to activities in our state. Theres clearly conversations that will take place as it relates to our activities in our league. We've got to combine all these pieces of information and pull them together in a spot where it's best for the University of Kentucky and our fanbase. We're not there yet."

Over the last few weeks the Football team has started bringing back players in stages, but Barnhart says "there's a difference between return to activity and a return to play. We focused initially on return to activity. We're still working on that, but we're also turning our attention more closely as we get closer to certain dates that we have in front of us to return to play."

A lot of words that pretty much just sum up the decision has yet to be made, and that they're still working on it. Players are returning to campus, football is on its way back but the answer to if fans will be in their seats at Kroger Field for the season opener this September is still unknown.

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