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National Writer Says John Calipari Will Remain As Head Coach

While we await the UK Healthcare John Calipari Show at 6:00 pm, a report came out from a national College Basketball writer saying that he is being told that John Calipari will remain as the Head Coach at Kentucky through the off-season. The report came out in less than thirty minutes before the weekly coaches show in which Calipari is expected to be on by calling in, and not in person.

"Per a source: (John) Calipari—who is set to appear on his local radio show in 30 mins—and AD Mitch Barnhart have not yet met but will meet tomorrow. Intent of the meeting will be to focus on significant program improvements, not necessarily separation," said CBS Sports writer Matt Norlander.

He continues with, "I don’t think Barnhart wants to fire Cal; I think Cal expects to stay."

While this is just a report from a credible national writer, nothing is official until we hear something from the school. A lot of news should come out in just a few minutes in which you can listen to here.

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Well the I see it cal needs to go we need to find a coach that just don't pick one and out player we need a coach that picks player that want to play and play for the college and not there career we need player that want to stay and win champion she and we need a coach that want to coach and want to teach player not worry about getting them in the NBA and I don't cal has it any more he get big money from ky and he don't care about winning because he k ows the college don't have the guts to get rid of him


Maybe it's Time for Barnhart to go too! I don't believe Calipari will make the changes needed to get the program back on track.

He just got beat by a team playing a Zone Defense, but Cal refuses to look at a zone defense for the Cats. He is stuck in one mode and absolutely fights any change.

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