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Nolan Hickman opening eyes at Pangos Camp

It's no doubt that Nolan Hickman is going to fall into a great line of Kentucky guards that make their way through Lexington, but until then, we'll keep getting dosages of him from camp to camp.

This past weekend at the Pangos All-American Camp, Nolan Hickman was reportedly "by far the biggest surprise" at the event, according to a person that reporter Aaron Torres trusts.

Nolan Hickman ended up making the Pangos All-Tournament Team after a impressive weekend of basketball, including with Kentucky commit, Daimion Collins.

Both (future) Kentucky guys held their own and opened up a lot of eyes of some who haven't quite seen their potential. Now, the word is out. Kentucky is getting two studs and we'll continue to see that as times goes on.

Below are two clips of Nolan Hickman highlights from this weekend:

Hickman, the No.3 point guard in the county, seems to be quick with the ball, cutting through defenses with ease, as well as a pass-first type of guard; completely fitting the mold of UK guards.

As of now, Nolan Hickman is only a four-star, but I believe that ranking will go up and he'll become a five-star before he leaves Utah to become a Kentucky Wildcat. His senior season is approaching us, and he'll be heavily watched as he tries to add on to his campaign.


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