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Spring Practice Update: Unlucky Practice #7

I'm not sure there was an angrier man in America than Mark Stoops during the post-practice media opportunity this afternoon.

Stoops opened his comments by saying there was not much he wanted to talk about, and even called the past few days "lackluster" in practice. Stoops followed that comment by saying he was proud of the UK Pro Day participants, and then quickly translated into a more angrier tone. "The guys we've got right now, I don't know if they just think they're going to roll out of bed and be good or whatever, but it's not the same. You know we've got to get back and play the way our brand was made, you know, being tough and being physical."

Stoops followed up those comments with even more backlash on today's performance. "(I'm) grateful for what we have, I just feel like we've got a bunch of guys that're entitled and don't work extremely hard. Think it's going to happen or waiting for the next guy to make it happen." He followed that comment by saying that he felt like the team has no leaders currently after last year's main vocal leaders all left the program.

Mark Stoops was in vintage Mark Stoops mode today, something fans and media haven't seen for years. Stoops was then asked by a media member if the change in his teams play occurred after spring break. "I don't know, I don't know. No excuse. Bullsh*t. Whatever it is."

Mark was then followed up by outside linebacker JJ Weaver. When asked about today's practice, the Louisville native noted that he is still trying to break out of his shell and be the leader the linebackers need. Weaver also declared that he has to start calling people out because "that's the only way we'll get better."

QB1 Devin Leary came out of the gates today saying he needs to be better as a leader to earn his teammates' respect and to emerge into a role that the team expects from a quarterback. Leary, however, does not see Stoops' comments as a total negative. The NC State transfer said today that the words Stoops used today seemed personal to everyone, and that the head coach is challenging his team to step it up.

The comments made by Stoops, Weaver, and Leary can be found below along with media opportunities with DB Alex Afari and OL Eli Cox.

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