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Ole Miss defeats Kentucky, 42-41 in OT

Kentucky loses by one point to Ole Miss in overtime, after Matt Ruffolo misses his first PAT of the season.

This was a game that Kentucky should've won. They had multiple opportunities to win the game and failed on all of them. A missed catch in the redzone in the second half, which resulted in a non converted touchdown, and the missed field goal by Matt Ruffolo in overtime.

I'm starting to see a trend in this team in being "just a few plays away" from winning games. You have to capitalized on every single play if you want to win these games. In the Auburn loss as well as tonights loss versus Ole Miss, if Kentucky could change about a combined 7 plays they could very well be 2-0 right now. Instead, they are still winless and 2020 keeps getting worse.

It's not the offense we have to be worried about, it's the defense. Kentucky secondary defense continues to perform awful and there has to be some adjustments this week in practice. Last week, you could use the excuse of rust being a factor. This week that's all thrown out the door. No excuses, just awful play on one side of the ball. For the second week in a row, Kentuckys offense has totaled for more offensive yards than their opponent, and still have found a way to lose the game. Tonight, Kentucky had 100 more total offensive yards and 269 more rushing yards than Ole Miss.. It's not often you can out perform a team on offense and still lose, but there is only one answer to that- your defense. You can score 100 points, but if you let the opponent score 101, unfortunately, you still lose.

Still trying to make a clear headed judgment of what this team needs to fix, but Kentucky shouldn't be anything worse than 1-1 right now, and many of us are shaking our heads as we wrap up the night.

Kentucky fans complain that the national media doesn't give us the respect we deserve, and we did deserve it before this season, but tonights loss takes the program a few steps back. If you want to be thrown in with the other 'legit programs,' you cant lose to a lower teir program in your own conference, nor be winless in a season the consists of only your conference teams.

That's about all I have of this rant. Tough night to be a Kentucky fan, continue to throw them shots back.

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