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Ole Miss Game Is Officially Sold Out

A brewing top-15 conference matchup between Kentucky and Ole Miss has been one that's been talked about ever since the conclusion of the Florida game in the second week of the season. With the Cats being ranked No. 7 at the moment while the Rebels are ranked No. 14, it will be one that is watched all over the country this Saturday.

With a lot of eyes coming through the broadcast, there are also a lot of eyes that will be in attendance. Over 64,000 to be exact. The school announced that the game is already sold out as of Tuesday of the game week.

Vaught Hemingway Stadium will be packed this weekend full of Ole Miss fans as well as a bunch of Kentucky fans. We all know that Big Blue Nation will travel anywhere but it seems like this weekend almost everyone I know is going. If you're reading this and plan on making the trip yourself, remember that the school announced a "Stripe Out" theme for their fans to wear to the game, which includes red and navy blue for the home team.

While our shade of blue will differ from theirs, I'm not exactly sure if it will come through the TV that way. Our fanbase should collectively settle on a certain color to wear to throw off the stripe out, I think. I don't think its been decided just yet though.

Maybe we will have a clear cut winner in our poll, but if not and the results seem to be close, I'd probably wear white with some type of UK representation on it.

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