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Olivier Sarr Press Conference

Olivier Sarr was granted eligibility at Kentucky just one week ago today. This morning he met with the media to answer some first time questions as he approaches the official start of his time here in Lexington.

Olivier Sarr says he's so excited to be at Kentucky. When he first found out that he has been granted eligible, through a phone call with John Calipari, that he immediately sprinted to his office and hugged him. "I almost picked him up off of the floor. We were just so happy," said Sarr.

When asked what his goal were for his time here, he responded with winning a National Championship. He said he was intrigued because he definitely wants to become a professional basketball player, but what he really what I want to do this year is win. "That's why I came to Kentucky.. to win the national championship, really."

Olivier Sarr was asked what the biggest difference it was at Kentucky compared to Wake Forest. "I'd say the biggest difference is the culture here. The mindset you know, it's a winning culture. Not knocking on my old school, it's just different. Kentuckys got a successful history, a great program and it's got high expectations. You can feel that as soon as you step on campus."

Olivier say says he looks up to Anthony Davis. "I really like Anthony Davis. I try to model my game after him. He's a great defender, he can guard the 1-5 and that's something I try to incorporate into my game. He's one of the best players in the league and also a NBA Champion." Sarr also says he's watching a lot of film from Hakeem Olajuwon and Tim Duncan.

It seems that Olivier Sarr has great respect to what goes on here in Lexington, and is ready for it to begin. College Basketball begins in less than month.

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