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One Report Has Shaedon Sharpe Not Returning To Lexington Next Season

It seems like this situation goes back and forth as many times as Kentucky weather does on a weekly basis, so it's hard to tell what to believe anymore. From the very beginning I never thought Shaedon would be here after the spring semester of the 2021-22 season, because if you're a projected top-ten draft pick why would you, but for the entirety of his arrival to Kentucky all the way until now his family seems to say otherwise.

The Herald-Leader's Ben Roberts put out a report on Monday saying that Kentucky is preparing to play next season without Shaedon Sharpe, expecting him to declare for this year's draft. “There has been no public announcement yet on Sharpe’s future, but Kentucky now expects that he’ll ultimately decide to enter and stay in this year’s NBA Draft."

One on hand you say, "Duh, that's what they're suppose to do." Which is true, because you don't want to be left preparing your roster around him (and presumably Oscar too) and he decide not to even be here late this offseason. But, if Ben (Roberts) is confident enough that he's hearing that the staff believes he (Shaedon) won't be here next season then you have to take some thought towards that too. That's a big take to lean on if you don't actually believe in it.

Anyways, Shaedon has until April 24th at 11:59 p.m. to enter his name into this year's NBA Draft. That's less than two weeks away from now, so things are about to get rolling either way he chooses. Now, it looks like Kentucky has two major decisions to wait on that will alter the future of the program dramatically between him and Oscar. Only time will tell.



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