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Open UK Basketball Practice In Support Of EKY Flood Victims

On the spur of a moment request, the Kentucky basketball program is using their platform to help the food victims down in eastern Kentucky.

They have just announced that on Tuesday, August 2nd, the team will be hosting an open practice inside of Rupp Arena to raise money for the ones who have had to deal with the flooding that's torn through homes, ripped up towns, and has taken everything these people own. With the reach that Kentucky basketball has, it will be tremendous for helping raise more money just like they previously did for the tornado victims in western Kentucky.

The price point into this event hasn't been announced yet, but, all of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross fund that's been set up for a few days now. Whatever the price is, I'm certain it will be affordable in order to push more people to attend - which creates more donations.

As the team is about to head off to the Bahamas in just under two weeks, this will be a great chance to get to see what they've been practicing just days before getting to see it live on television, but, at the same time, and more importantly, to raise money for the counties down in eastern Kentucky.

I hope many of you attend as I will be myself, but if you cannot, you are able to donate to the fund here if you feel like doing so.



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