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Oscar's Hidden Super Power

It's no secret that Oscar Tshiebwe is a fan favorite at the University of Kentucky. I mean how can you not love the guy? Oscar is the epitome of a "fans player.” He knows how important Kentucky basketball is to this state and the entire Big Blue Nation. There has to be a reason as to why Tshiebwe stays hours after a game at Rupp Arena to say “hi“ to fans and take an occasional "selfie.” Oscar had this to say when he first arrived on campus last year. “You cannot deny to take a picture with fans because they’re always supporting us. We need the fans for us to do good. We need the motivation. If Rupp Arena is full, I feel we are going to do good."

Oscar has fans of all ages - here is a drawing from a friend of mine. Her name is Sophie Roberts and she was ecstatic over the Cats' win against the Tennessee Vols this past Saturday. She expressed herself by creating this masterpiece of Oscar Tshiebwe "flying" as he goes after another rebound.

Just look at that elated smile on her face. If that doesn't show you how big of an impact Oscar Tshiebwe has on UK fans (young and old) then I don't know what will. I spent most of my day yesterday trying to get fellow members of the BBN to share this photo so that Oscar would take notice of Sophie's creativity. To a great surprise of Sophie and I, Oscar had this to say:

All it took was a simple retweet from Oscar that probably didn't even take him 30 seconds to do, but meant the world to young Sophie. This is the affect that Oscar has on Kentucky basketball fans. Players like Oscar Tshiebwe are few and far between and Kentucky fans need to cherish him while we have him. There is always that chance that Oscar will be back next year for his Senior year, but there is also a good chance that this may be his only year in the Blue and White.

What else could the man do to up his draft stock? In my honest opinion, probably not a whole lot. The fact that Oscar can't sign NIL deals and make money while he is at UK also hurts the idea of having him for another year. Can you blame him if he chooses to leave for the NBA Draft to better himself and his family? Yeah, I can't either. I encourage all of BBN to try to get out to a game before the season is over so that you can witness his greatness for your own eyes.



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