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Oscar Tshiebwe, Armando Bacot Work Out Together In Kentucky

A really cool sight took place this afternoon when two of college basketball's most elite talents, Oscar Tshiebwe and Armando Bacot, worked out together in Lexington.

As you already know, Oscar was named the National Player of the Year at the end of the season this past April. Not far behind him was Armando Bacot as a finalist for the award as well.

Both players became absolute stars in one season and along the way broke rebounding records set from decades before, going neck-to-neck on a nightly basis to own the highest average in all of college basketball. Oscar finished the year totaling 515 rebounds, averaging 15.1 a game. Armando recorded 511 rebounds last season, with an average of 13.1 a game for the Tar Heels.

The coolest part about all of this is they're both making a return to college instead of the pro route. They both are about to begin their senior year at two of the most dominant programs of all-time, as two of the most dominant bigs this level has seen in quite some time. To see them working out together is pretty cool I think.

For the ones who didn't know, which I fall into that category too, it should be no shock that they're off-the-court friends and are spending the offseason meeting to work out together because they've played on the same team before! Here's a picture of them on the same AAU team a few years back.

In 2019, Team Loaded featured the two stars along with Kansas' David McCormack on the AAU circuit. Geez, I sure do feel bad for any opposing big that had to go against that crew on a Saturday afternoon after staying up all night at some hotel. Could you imagine if these two had ever teamed up in college? The imagination sure can come up with some crazy scenarios, can't it? I sure hope to see another round of UK vs. UNC next year as these two would combine for 95% of the games' rebounds no doubt.

Also, while we're here, can we talk about this??



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