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Oscar Tshiebwe Climbs The UK Double-Double Record Book, Takes 3rd All-Time

What we're seeing from West Virginia transfer turned two-year Kentucky Wildcat starter in Oscar Tshiebwe is truly special. Just absolutely shattering any record set in place regarding rebounds and/or double-doubles, with today being no different. He's rattled the rims and the thick dust off of the record books, chasing two of Kentucky's greatest.

This afternoon in Kentucky's game against Auburn, he had a double-double with less than a minute to play before halftime. In order for a player to do that, and on the other hand for it to become such a normality for us to barely even recognize it when it happens, speaks volumes about the kid's skillset. Not a lot of players have the ability nor have many players even done that once in their collegiate careers. Watching him these last two seasons have been quite the privilege and the day he leaves this program it will be a very sad day. But for now, today's not a sad day, because we're recognizing one of his achievements so let's focus on that.

Oscar Tshiebwe now ranks 3rd all-time in Kentucky Basketball history for career double-doubles.

  1. Dan Issel: 64 career double-doubles

  2. Cotton Nash: 48 career double-doubles

  3. Oscar Tshiebwe: 44 career double-doubles

Dan Issel managed to do what he did in 83 career games while Cotton Nash found his total in 78 career games, and Oscar Tshiebwe earned his in just 61 career games. I like his chances to become second all-time because he has many more games to add to his total as it's just mid-February. Kentucky has 4 guaranteed games remaining in this season (if they lost their first game in the SEC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament + the 2 regular season games left), with likely a half-dozen plus games that will actually take place. And man, if this team was to go on a run in the actual tournament he could seriously climb his way towards that Issel record and maybe even take the throne. If he somehow winded up returning for a third season at Kentucky and a fifth year of college basketball, which I don't expect to happen, it's a wrap.

The way that John Calipari commented on the milestone this afternoon is exactly how I'd put it, and also how I'll remember his career here when it's over. “We need to enjoy what he is doing because it’s just not normal." I couldn't have said it any better myself.



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