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Oscar Tshiebwe Discusses The Feedback He Received From The NBA

Oscar Tshiebwe has found himself in one of those weird situations where he was the unanimous National Player of the Year last season but wasn't projected in the first round by any major NBA Mock Draft boards. Unfortunately, his style of play just isn't what the NBA needs anymore. It's great for college but not at the next level. So, he decided to come back and see what he could improve on and to hit his goals this year by "becoming a lottery pick and winning a National Championship."

This offseason he has received feedback from the NBA on what he needs to add to his skillset to become a first round or potential lottery pick in next years draft, and he said he was told he should add 1-3 made three-pointers a game next year, including learning how to fake drive to the goal and kick it out to a shooter as well as become a secure ball handler. Those three things can be what pushes him to the next level.

After not shooting one single three the entire season last year, he was asked if he thinks that coach Calipari will let him start taking them. "He said he'll let me start shooting three's, as long as I keep making them (room breaks out in laughter)." He continued with, "I already started shooting three's in practice, so, when we play pickup I just focus on making one, pump-faking and attacking the rim."

Kentucky has a few guys 'testing the waters' of the NBA Draft this summer, but Oscar said he didn't want any part in that after deciding he was going to return. "I did not, me personally, I did not want to go do those things. You know when they tell you, 'This is what you need to work one, this is what you need to work on,' so I feel like I did not want to go prove to them that 'Oh I'm good, I can do this, I can do this,' I'm just going to take my time and work on those things and my time will come, you're going to see in the draft boards, I'm going to be a high rank."


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