Oscar Tshiebwe Is Open For Business

One of the biggest developments in college sports this century is the “One Time Transfer“ rule, which allows collegiate athletes to transfer to a different school without having to sit out for a year, as long as it is their first time transferring. Kentucky was able to capitalize on the new rule by adding transfers Kellan Grady, Sahvir Wheeler, CJ Fredric, and National Player of the Year candidate Oscar Tshiebwe.

Yet maybe the most significant rule change of all, also coming this summer, was the NCAA allowing players to profit off of their Name, Image, and Likeness, or NIL for short.

We have seen a wide range of endorsements from our players this year, including clothing brands, Fazoli’s, and luxury sports cars. Yet Oscar Tshiebwe, one of the best performing and most likeable players to ever come through Kentucky, is unable to take part in any NIL deals. Oscar, originally from The Democratic Republic of Congo, can not profit off of endorsements due to restrictions from his Visa.

While the NCAA had finally allowed college athletes like Oscar to earn money, the United States government still stands in his way. That is until now…

As of today, Oscar Tshiebwe has formally announced that after a long and hard fought legal battle, he can finally earn money as a student-athlete through NIL.

This development is huge for two very important reasons:

  1. It is the correct and righteous thing for Oscar to be able to earn money off of his basketball talents.

  2. This creates a huge development towards Oscar’s looming professional decision this summer.

Oscar has been projected anywhere in between late 40's to un-drafted in 2022 NBA mock drafts to this point. With a potential large sum of money on the table at Kentucky, Oscar now has the choice to come back, further develop his game, and raise his draft stock, without the fear of him potentially losing out on life changing money by not going to the NBA.

That is arguably the best part of NIL. Oscar Tshiebwe can now make a basketball and life decision that is best for him, not a decision based purely off of money.

So calling out to BBN: Go out and do what you can to support the future National Player of the Year... certainly he is Oscar Worthy.


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