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Oscar Tshiebwe Releases New Merch Regarding Return To UK

The noise heard all around the state this afternoon, well, I guess further than the borders of this state considering it was conducted live on national television this afternoon was the news that Oscar Tshiebwe had decided to return to Kentucky for at least one more go-around. "I'm back. Let's get to work," said the reigning National Player of the Year in a Twitter post.

It was news that in one moment could reunite this fanbase and give them some excitement heading into next season, helping ease the pain from the Saint Peters loss at least a little bit. “God has told me He is not done with me yet,” Tshiebwe said. “So, I decided, and He told me He wanted me to go back and just to work because He’s not done with me in this place yet. So, I’ll be back again, so I’ll be here next year for Kentucky. I’ll be in the blue in Kentucky next year again.”

Well, he did it, and he is officially BACK for the 2022-23 season as he attempts to dominate college basketball once more. He also has some new merchandise as well, to help fulfill his ultimate goal of getting his mother out of the Congo and into a better life situation. If things go as planned this year and the whole NIL situation gets fully worked out - which I believe it will, why else would he be coming back if he hadn't heard some news insisting that it was - he'll make what's believed to be around $2-3 million this season through his name, image an likeness. If so, I can only imagine the good he would do with that kind of wealth.

His merchandise is actually really cool, and you can buy you some if you'd like to celebrate his return through Oscar's section of the Kentucky Branded official site.

Here are two of my favorite pieces. You can easily argue this kid is the most deserving of any player to come through here, so if you find yourself with some extra money, or are looking to buy someone a gift for a birthday or holiday, what would be better than the official merchandise of one of the most popular and most beloved players to play for Kentucky?



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