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Oscar Tshiebwe Trending To Make A Return To Kentucky

The last two weeks have been a range of emotions for many fans across the state as some major news has been floating around the internet regarding Kentucky's reigning National Player of the Year, Oscar Tshiebwe.

While he's been spending the offseason praying about his decision to return to Kentucky or to head towards a professional career, it's been all speculation by media and fans on what he'll actually do. Well, in the last forty eight hours, things have started to change. Many credible media members are going on record saying that they believe he'll be playing for John Calipari next season, once again.

David Sisk of Cats Illustrated put out report Friday night saying his sources are telling him that Oscar will be returning. This afternoon, Pro Insight's Director of Scouting, Andrew Slater, who has been known to be very accurate on his recruiting picks over the years, put out a tweet hinting at the fact that he believes Oscar is returning as well.

Both reports I trust and are pieces of information that I wouldn't have put on the site if I didn't think were true. They back up similar pieces of information I'm being told as well. It seems to be the case that the whole NIL situation is getting worked out in Oscar's favor - or at least to have found a quick solution to work with until it's completely done - which would keep him in Lexington for second complete season.

Oscar also told LEX18 News in a report just yesterday that his decision is coming within a "week or two." So as things start to wrap up in this offseason decision, I think Kentucky is easing up on the roster moves until his decision is final. Obviously Oscar is the priority and UK would like him to return over any transfer they could bring in this summer, but they have been in contact with a few different names already over just the last month. They're essentially just having their end covered that way they aren't standing like a deer in headlights if Oscar was to declare for the NBA Draft.

Until he announces, don't let your anticipation drive you too crazy. Support him in whatever he decides is right for him, because, there is no doubt he's done right to Kentucky the entire time he's been here. Let's hope God stirs him back to school and that the people involved can help him earn some money off his likeness during the process too.

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Mike Mcbride
Mike Mcbride
Apr 11, 2022

I am a long time UK fan from the 50's and selfishly want the fine young man to come back, if he does, I hope Coach Cal can bring in good enough players to assist Oscar.

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