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Perry County Woman Prays For Deceased Dog That Ended Up Not Being A Dog At All

Earlier this week, Perry County resident, Sharla Davidson, was travelling her normal route when she drove past, what was believed to be a deceased Yorkie.

Davidson says that she drives this same route on a daily basis and had felt sadness and sympathy for the dog and its owner. Davidson went on to say, "I have felt so bad for this poor dog’s owner and praying to our Heavenly Father for some imagined sad lonely old lady with an empty lap and a bag of uneaten dog treats."

Now, to say the least, seeing various types of "road kill" on your daily commute isn't much of a surprise in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Most of the time if you drive farther than 5 miles you will see a dead raccoon, possum, or deer. However, Davidson had noticed that this dog had been laying in the road for a couple of days now and it had probably struck her as unusual that the owner of the dog or another bypasser hadn't stopped to move the dog out of the road.

So after driving past the dog once, Davidson decided that she would get a closer look and try to figure out what was really going on here. As she approached the dead body she began to realize why the body hadn't been moved. Davidson said as she got a closer view she noticed immediately what was going on, "Oh Lord help me, y’all IT’S SOMEBODY’S WEAVE! I’VE BEEN PRAYING FOR A WIG!"

That's right, the believed to be dead body of a Yorkie was actually only a wig. So if you live in the surrounding area and you, or someone you know, has lost a weave, whether it was after a long night at The Broken Spoke or you just went a little too fast on the four wheeler and it flew off, it has been located on Combs Road.

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