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Pitching Kentucky's Next Uniforms

Whether you actually enjoy the checkerboard uniforms like myself, or can't stand them like what seems to be the entire rest of our fanbase, we can all agree that they have been used for too long and that it is time for a change.

Lucky for us, the Big Blue Nation is filled with creative and inspired talents who can help with this problem.

Meet Owen. Many of you already know him as @75toRupp on Twitter due to his designs of jerseys, basketball courts, and graphics of any kind really.

When asked if he has a goal in mind with his graphics, he answered, "I just really am sick of looking at the current version we’re using." Calling out to Mitch Barnhart; the people have spoken.

Let's take a look at our pitch to become our next Men's Basketball team uniforms.

Owen returns us to a solid colored jersey with the "KENTUCKY" text arching over the number. These jerseys remind of those that were worn when Kentucky legend Tayshaun Prince played for the Cats.

"I just wanted to make them something that’s classic feeling. Kentucky isn’t Oregon. We don’t need crazy gimmicky uniforms."

In Owen's design, the text font is updated, the off-colored lining around the arms, side, and neck is thinner and closer to the edge of the jersey, and a minimalist checkerboard design is added under the armpits. This approach gives some of our fans a nostalgic feel, while also bringing a new energy to our program for the next generation of Kentucky basketball.

We didn't stop just there. We felt Kentucky needed an alternate jersey for key games such as rivalries or big events like the Champions Classic.

When the lights are brightest, our team needs to look their best. The white alternate jersey gives us a font we are yet to see on a UK jersey, along with block numbering which has a white interior and blue border. The minimalist checkerboard and additional lining along the edge gives the jersey even more life, without being an eyesore like the current full checkerboards are to some.

Instead of going blue with white like our current road uniforms looks, this road alternate jersey has lots of black lining to it, once again giving us a look we haven't really seen before. Owen also points out that this color scheme would go extremely well with the blue and black warmups our team already uses.

Kentucky has a new coaching staff, one of their best recruiting classes ever coming, and what feels to be a wave of energy coming back into the program. We need our players to wear these uniforms to reflect the hype in this new era of UK hoops. A gold standard program needs gold standard uniforms.

Note: You can find many other jerseys, graphics, and other all around great content on Owen's twitter page @75toRupp.


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