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Player Profiles: Marques Cox

This transfer from Northern Illinois is a literal HUGE pickup for the Kentucky Wildcats going into 2023. The 6-5, 305 pound left tackle will be an immediate need as the Cats will likely look to transition Kenneth Horsey back to the guard position and allow Cox to protect new quarterback Devin Leary's blind side. Cox has played in 33 total games with NIU, with his last game being played against Kentucky, where he suffered a season-ending injury. We spoke with Mark Stoops about the recovery of Cox and Devin Leary and Stoops expects a fully healthy version of them both for spring practice.

The Peoria, Illinois star was named to Phil Steele’s 2021 All-Mid-American Conference Team and allowed only three sacks throughout his entire tenure with the Huskies. Cox is very draftable at the next level. As mentioned on Caturday Checkdown, Cox hoists the talent of motion blocking, which will allow him to succeed in the zone scheme that Liam Coen brings back to Kentucky. Marques Cox is a very well-rounded college lineman with solid fundamentals. Cox enters Kentucky with one year left of eligibility and will leave with a shot at the NFL.

It is vital that Cox continues to work on rehabilitating his injury to succeed at the SEC level. Working to get stronger will help Cox raise his draft stock as well. Transitioning his talents to the SEC will be something to keep an eye on, but Cox has proven himself time and time again on the big stage.

The bottom line is that Marques Cox has all of the tools to be really successful at the college level. At a time when Kentucky Football could use any offensive line help they can get, it is essential to get Cox into the system and show the younger linemen the ropes at the FBS level. With Tanner Bowles transferring from Alabama, the 2023 edition of the Big Blue Wall can be a special one.



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