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Player Profiles: Ray Davis

Kentucky recently locked in a running back to most likely complete the room. Re'Mahn "Ray" Davis is a 5'9", stocky built running back that inherits the powerback trait that has come before him. After transferring to his third school, Davis is poised to fill an immediate hole, after Kentucky loses Chris Rodriguez Jr to the NFL Draft.

Ray Davis will have one year of eligibility left, but with an experienced SEC running back that was looking for a system that met his playstyle, Liam Coen's offense will have a similar running game to which Kentucky fans have been accustomed. Davis possesses quickness, as well as a 'fight for every inch' mentality, in addition to being a workhorse that will twist and turn to fight for every yard he can get. The 1,000+ yard rusher in 2022 will seize an opportunity, behind a much-improved offensive line, with better schemes to make the most out of his use.

Davis earns his yards physically and should improve more drastically with an outside zone method. However, Davis's biggest struggle seems to be receiving. Flawed offensive schemes could be the fault for that, because Davis is very capable with his hands. Another weakness is Davis's ability in pass protection, but again, with a good offensive scheme and an entire spring to work with, Davis will have plenty of time with a great running backs coach that is proficient in blocking with Jay Boulware.

I believe that Re'Mahn Davis can be a very good tailback at Kentucky. He may not currently have the strength that a Benny Snell or Chris Rodriguez did, but has the ability to fight for extra yardage and is a great three down back. Davis will not have many runs that break off for massive gains but can utilize his potential and keep the defense on their toes.



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