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Player Profiles: Tanner Bowles

Kentucky will look to build on the Big Blue Wall this offseason, by adding Glasgow, Kentucky product Tanner Bowles to the offensive line. Bowles, the 6'5", 293 pound lineman will look to instantly contribute to that.

The redshirt senior played in 12 career games for the Alabama Crimson Tide, with the majority of his snaps coming from special teams. It has been circulated around the media that, although Bowles had played the majority of his games at Alabama in field goal sets, he went through last fall practice prior to the season starting playing as a first string at guard under former Kentucky offensive line coach Eric Wolford.

Bowles possesses a great build and quick hand placement, as well as solid technique. The former 4-star will be a piece likely used at guard at Kentucky, as he has the tools to play on either side of the center. Bowles will have two years of eligibility remaining and one has to think that growing his strength will be a priority, as he continues to make his push into the NFL. With an offensive line makeover taking place, Bowles was the first piece of the puzzle. With Kentucky giving up the most sacks in 2022, Bowles will make an immediate impact.

Bowles is somewhat unproven other than his recruiting rankings, but he will likely be given the starting nod in the upcoming fall. There is lots to look forward to with the offensive line and Bowles should fit right in place.


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