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Positive QB Praise From Vince Marrow

(Picture Credit: Lexington Herald Leader)

This week Kentucky cut the ribbon on their fall camp, in which the players will get down and gritty in the trenches of Nutter Field House, and by the end of it, the cream will rise to the top. Until then, we go to war with our predictions.

All anyone wants to know is who the quarterback will be. Nearly every summer this seems to be the driving force of the media, in desperate measures trying to figure out who will be slinging the pigskin at the Kroge this fall.

Vince "Big Dawg" Marrow was interview Tuesday evening during the first media availability of the camp, and was asked what he was seeing from the Quarterback competition.

"All three of them are doing good things, but I'm liking Will (Levis) so far." said Marrow. Will Levis has been "making some big throws" in the two days of practice/camp. "Not saying the other guys aren't making big throws.. but he's making some throws where I'm like, 'wow.'"

Vince says Joey Gatewood has also been making big throws and competing for the job, but Will Levis seems to be them more consistent one. It could just be preseason talk, but the Associate Head Coach says all three quarterbacks are looking great, but backs that statement up with "Will (Levis) just has a feel for it."

"I've also been impressed with Beau (Allen). Beau really worked on himself. Beau is looking pretty good." said Marrow.

While it's nice and all that Vince is complimenting the three guys in contention for the job, I think we can all read the tea leaves and have a good idea who is the main candidate for the starting spot. Things could change throughout camp, but right now I'd put all my bettin' money on Will Levis first string, Joey Gatewood second, and Beau Allen at third.

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