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Press Release: The Field of 68 Edition

The Cats Coverage world has some exciting news to announce. We have partnered up with The Field of 68 network to bring their audience coverage of the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team.

Myself, Michael, and Producer Tim will continue the podcast but from now on will be a part of their platform.

Rob Dauster and Jeff Goodman presented a great opportunity to give us an even further reach into the college basketball world to share our opinions and report on what is surrounding the heart and soul of the sport in Kentucky Basketball. With the season approaching us very quickly (November 6), it was the perfect time to make this announcement and start adding to the coverage we already have. In fact, we will actually be dropping our first live stream tonight! As the season progresses, you can catch us on the Fof68 YouTube channels and live streams amongst their social media channels, including ours, that we hope you engage with and support.

This partnership effects nothing on the website nor with our football podcast as all of that will be the exact same moving forward. This will concern just our Cats Coverage basketball podcast and give us another avenue to take up for Kentucky fans across the country. Comment your opinions, watch our content, and please subscribe to give us a boost from the jump. This is going to be an exciting chapter.

TONIGHT at 7:00 PM ET!

If you are new here, follow Cats Coverage on Twitter as well!


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