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Previewing the Kentucky Basketball Team

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Each summer Cal brings in plenty of new faces and athletes to the program, and if your someone who doesn't pay as close attention to the offseason transitions as I do, that's okay, I've got you taken care of.

With the NBA Draft, Overseas options, Transfers and the few graduates, Kentucky usually likes to flip the roster upside down every summer. Some like to call it "reloading," and some just call it the "NBA pit-stop at Hotel Kentucky."With everything good in life, there comes consequences. Wether you like it or not, that's just the baggage that comes with the One-And-Done success here in Lexington.

First, we'll confirm who won't be on the team this upcoming season:

This summer, Kentucky condoned the biggest roster turnover they've ever had under John Calipari, and possibly of all-time, including over the 38-0 team that put seven players into the Draft.

The roster from last season has lost a record 9 players (including walk-ons), due to multiple reasons: 5 to the NBA Draft, 2 to transferring, 1 finished his grad-transfer year and 1 walk-on wasn't brought back.

5 to the NBA Draft:

  1. Tyrese Maxey

  2. Immanuel Quickley

  3. Ashton Hagans

  4. Nick Richards

  5. EJ Montgomery

2 Transfers:

  1. Kahlil Whitney (midseason, then announced NBA Draft decision)

  2. Johnny Juzang (UCLA)

Nate Sestina finished his Grad-Transfer season, will look to play professionally although he isn't on any NBA Draft boards. He's likely to get a few looks from his overseas options.

Ben Jordan, who was granted by the UK Baseball team to be a walk-on for last years season, mainly for practice reasons (injuries), wasn't brought back as he plans to focus on baseball where he has a lot of professional options in.

Kentucky loses nearly 92% of its minutes played, and 94% of its scoring. About the only one fit this kind of turnaround is John Calipari himself.


Lets take a look at the 2020-21 roster:

Kentucky brings in 6 Freshmen, 2 Transfers, 1 Grad-Transfer, 1 new walk-on, and the 5 returning players/walk-ons from last season.

Kentuckys 6 New Freshman, the Nations No.1 Overall Recruiting Class:

  1. Brandon "BJ" Boston Jr.

  2. Terrence Clarke

  3. Devin Askew

  4. Cam'Ron Fletcher

  5. Lance Ware

  6. Isaiah Jackson

2 Transfers:

  1. Jacob Toppin (Rhode Island)

  2. Olivier Sarr (Wake Forest)

Kentucky also continued the Grad-Transfer streak with the addition of Davion Mintz from Creighton.

Isaac DeGregorio has been brought in as a walk-on for this upcoming season as well.

Returning Players from Last Years Roster:

  1. Keion Brooks

  2. Dontaie Allen

  3. Zan Payne (walk-on)

  4. Brennan Canada (walk-on)

  5. Riley Welch (walk-on)

It seems like every year it becomes harder and harder to remember names and faces of each team, but somehow, we manage to and end up falling in love with each team and their different successes. In the near future, I will provide a full-on breakdown of the new roster, including each player and everything you need to know about them for this upcoming season.

Stay tuned.


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