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Pro Day Results And Measurements

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The Kentucky basketball team conducted a 'Pro Day' on Sunday and the measurements from the event were mind-blowing. It seems like I allow myself to be blown away by these numbers each year when this event happens, but when the team you cover brings in the best of the best and some of the nations most freakish level of athletes, what else could you expect?

The event was un-televised this year as representatives from all 30 NBA team were in attendance to observe, grade, take down notes, and everything else in between, but footage recorded from the event will come out at a later date.

"It is not televised, which allows us to do some things the scouts have been asking for us to do. Our guys are in great shape and ready to go!" said John Calipari. He also said that, "ESPN is here putting together some all-access content with us, as well as covering the Pro Day, so our fans should get a really unique look behind the scenes."

So until then, all that the fans have are the measurements that came out from the event and the highlight clips posted on the social media accounts of the Kentucky Basketball team. Here are the measurements from UK's Pro Day.

(Image via MaggieDavisTV/Twitter)

The most notable things that stick out to me are:

  • Standing reach for Ugonna Onyenso and Lance Ware

  • Daimion Collins' vertical

  • Oscar's 3/4 court sprint time

  • Sahvir Wheeler's standing vertical

  • Oscar Tshiebwe's hand width

While the majority of these numbers are borderline freakish as it is, these five specifically stick out to me the most. Ugonna Onyenso and Lance Ware both have crazy long arms it appears as their standing reaches led the team. Ugonna's doesn't surprise me as much as Lance Ware's did although it still is very notable in reach. It did shock me that Lance beat out Daimion (Collins) in this measurement group, but it appears he did. With a 9-foot standing reach, it beat out Daimion by half an inch and came just in second to Ugonna.

Staying on topic of Mr. DC, Daimion's 46.5 inch vertical cleared the rest of the guys even with him being the third tallest player on the team. To me, having an extremely high vertical paired with height is really impressive because obviously you don't have as far up to go as the others to dunk the ball, so the overall height the ball reaches is much further above the rim which creates the perfect scenario for dunking over someone or nearly "kissing the rim" when practicing dunks. The height reached is overall greater than someone with that same exact vertical that's a half-foot shorter.

Oscar's three quarters of the court sprint really caught my eyes because it's not often you see a big man move that fast. I know Oscar is on the smaller end of what we consider "big men" as he is only listed at 6-foot-8, and I've not once considered him slow in my mind at any point, but those numbers seem to me that he's improved on his speed and agility even more this offseason and him being able to out run the other big men up and down the court on a nightly basis, then bully them down in the post as we're all expecting him to again, that could be a scary sight and a nightmare matchup for the opposing centers.

The standing vertical measurement for Sahvir Wheeler was great to see. While it was only fourth-highest on the roster, it beat out 11 other guys and two of 3 listed above him were much taller than him. Jacob Toppin is 12.5 inches taller than him, Daimion Collins is 13.5 inches taller, and the third is Kareem Watkins who is less than an inch shorter than him but is known for his jumping ability. Kareem won the dunk contest during last year's Big Blue Madness event. It says alot for Sahvir to be included with those guys in terms of a vertical with no prior run.

Lastly, Oscar Tshiebwe's hand width is absurd. For him to be just 6'8, a hand with the measurement of 10 3/4 inches is huge. No one else on the team is over ten inches in width and that includes three players that are much taller than him. It made complete sense as to why he gets so many rebounds a game after seeing this measurement revealed. I guess it might have gotten overlooked last year, but when you combine the effort he gives each and every play compared with his large hands and overall strength, the rebounds are bound to come in.

Like I mentioned earlier, the footage of this year's Pro Day won't be available for viewing until ESPN airs it, but until then, enjoy these highlight clips that were posted online.

And most importantly, the highlights!!

The date in which ESPN plans to air the footage has not yet been announced, but we will report on it as soon as it is. I expect it to be soon because the official start to the season is less than a month away and Big Blue Madness takes place this Friday evening.

Basketball season is right around the corner.



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