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Ray Davis: Same Leadership, Different Dynamic

The Kentucky football fanbase is a spoiled bunch when it comes to their running backs. Since the beginning of the Stoops tenure, the folks of Kentucky have gotten to watch the likes of Jojo Kemp, Stanley "Boom" Williams, Benny Snell Jr. and Chris Rodriguez play with a level of personality that exceeds the press box at Kroger Field, however, Vanderbilt transfer Ray Davis is looking to show off his confidence and talent in another way.

"I'll be honest, I'm a calm soul. I always tell people that I'm not a rowdy guy. When I score, I act like I've been there before just because it's a respectful thing towards my opponents." Davis went on to mention the past running backs in the Stoops era were 'electric' and 'bringing the enthusiasm' and although it was great, he's looking to add a different dynamic by just playing his game and doing what he has to do to put the team first and put the team in a position to win.

The San Francisco native was then asked about the uniforms and in a very blue-collared approach, Davis was very adamant that the jersey situation was not one he was focused on. "I think, being an older guy, you don't really look into the details in the uniforms. You just put on the pads and put the jersey on the pads and go out there and play. I think for the youth and the future guys who come in they like it a lot cause it's 'swag'. They want to be dripped out, but I'll be dripped out in the endzone wearing it, so that's all that matters."

As far as Davis's take on the running back room he has entered into, he mentioned Demie Sumo as a guy that be a valuable and versatile piece with receiving and running alike. In his eyes, La'Vell Wright will have the ability to be utilized as a power back. Davis referred to JuTahn McClain as another 'old head' that is seen by him as another reliable asset in the running game. Following up, Davis claimed that Ramon Jefferson is a player motivated to get back on the field and has a passion to get back atop the leaderboards and even claimed he would've been near the top of the SEC in rushing last season if it hadn't been for his injury. Lastly, Davis gave props to Jamarion Wilcox as a young guy that once he learns the ins and outs of SEC football, he will be the face of the future and Kentucky fans 'have nothing to worry about.'

With that kinda talk, I'm ready to watch the development of the backfield in 2023. Is it September 2nd yet??


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