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Recruiting Update: Kentucky Target Javeon Campbell

(Image via Larry Vaught/Your Sports Edge)

One of the fastest rising in-state talents has just received another boost in the rankings. Frankfort native and Western Hills High School standout, Javeon Campbell, has now been listed as the number one overall rated football player from the state of Kentucky by 247Sports.

The four-star recruit has received interest from all over the country, poised to play college football at essentially any school of his choosing. As of today, he holds offers from Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky, Miami, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Florida, Illinois, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Oregon, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia. In terms of in-state programs, he also holds offers from Eastern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University, Louisville, and of course Kentucky.

He has not taken any official visits just yet, but has in the works to take OV’s to Miami on May 31st, Kentucky on June 7th, Auburn on June 10th, Alabama on June 14th, and Georgia on June 21st.

While being the top overall player in the state for his class, Javeon is also tabbed as the 15th-best defensive lineman in 2025, approaching a top-100 status at 109th overall right now following his junior year.

If you are just now getting introduced to Javeon Campbell, he is known originally for his basketball success. He is currently the all-time leading scorer for the Western Hills men’s basketball program and is the center piece for the roster. As he still has his senior year left to contribute, he currently sits at 1,707 career points scored for the school record. Next to that, he also has 951 career rebounds. For his upcoming senior season, it’s expected that he’ll break the 2,000-point scoring milestone as well as the 1,000 total rebounds mark.

With a stature of 6-foot-5 and weighing in at 265 lbs., he was quickly approached by the school’s brand-new head football coach in Simon Vanderpool, with major interest in getting Campbell to play football for the school as well. He agreed and started his first year of organized football as a junior, just less than 12 months ago. What that translates to is in only one year he became the best player in the entire state and if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what else will. It’s clear that his physical talent overflows at first glance and he is a difference-maker in anything he pursues.

Kentucky’s Brad White and Vince Marrow both have been in to visit Javeon with interest of him playing for the Wildcats, visiting his high school this month to see the potential Wildcat.

After talking to the WHHS head football coach, he had some great things to say as his star player receives an abundance of collegiate interest.

“Javeon is no doubt an unbelievable athlete. However, most importantly he’s an unbelievable young man with a tremendous family. You won’t find a more humble down-to-earth human. One day he will get to his fullest potential because he is so coachable. I’m not at all surprised for him to be ranked number one overall in the state. Along with being amongst the overall top-100 nationally.”

Vanderpool, who just completed his first year as the head football coach for the school, has been a huge advocate in helping provide his players spotlight for collegiate opportunities, working with media and allowing program staff members to come visit the program.

The last major star to come out of the Western Hills football program was 2019 Mr. KY Football award winner and former Wildcat, Wan’Dale Robinson, who became a fan favorite in Lexington and now plays for the New York Giants.

While excelling on the field with the pigskin, it must be made clear that he also has a basketball side to this thing. Receiving a lot of local interest from colleges throughout the state, there’s a reality where he’s going to have to decide which sport he pursues going forward whether that be this summer or post high school graduation. I asked Western Hills Men’s Basketball Head Coach Geoff Cody what his feel was at the moment on if he could envision Javeon playing basketball or football at the next level, or even both?

“Oh I think it's football. He would definitely have opportunities to play basketball in college if he wanted, but when UK, Ohio State, Miami, Auburn, Alabama, and Georgia have offered you a scholarship to play football, you probably go and play football (LOL).”

“Those schools have asked him if he is an early enrollee and here's what makes him special: He's told them he is graduating with his class in May because he wants to play basketball with his friends and teammates. He wants to finish what he has started. He is committed to our basketball program and he wants to see that commitment through.”

So that easily (but still unofficially) helps us start to plan that Javeon Campbell will likely take the football route in college, but will finish playing both sports until he graduates.

I also wanted to get a guage on what kind of player the school he one day commits to would be getting in him, and the Western Hills men’s basketball head coach said, “First of all, they are getting a high character kid. He is always ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’. He also works hard in the classroom. That comes from his family. His mom and dad are great people and they have instilled that type of character in him. If you can't get along with Javeon then there is a 100% chance the problem is you.”

He continued with, “He is also a competitor. He wants to be successful and he wants to be coached hard. I'll get after him pretty good and he always responds positively. I will purposefully in early preseason practice put Javeon and Elijah Thompson, who is very good for us as well, on different teams so they can push each other. If Elijah's team wins, it gets under Javeon's skin. When he gets the rebound off the rim and makes the outlet pass and runs the floor as hard as he can, he's not going to be stopped. He works hard on the court. He is our all-time leading scorer at Western Hills with 1,707 points and he has 951 rebounds as well. This season he will go over the 2000-point mark and the 1000-rebound mark for his career. He's great with the little kids that come to our games and our youth camp. My youngest son Major, who is in 5th grade, loves being around him. When he talks to those kids, he treats them as if they are the most important person in the world at that moment. He has a big personality and people like being around him. He's fun to coach.”

Pretty propelling things to hear I must say. Coach Geoff Cody also mentioned to me that he (Javeon) wants to take him on his basketball visits with him as he goes through that process.

“He has invited me to go with him on the (unofficial) visits he’s been on. He doesn’t have to invite his basketball coach, but that’s who he is. Just a great kid.”

I’m sure essentially everyone reading this would like to see the in-state talent stay home and play for the Wildcats, but I hope fans remember that he is navigating one of the most chaotic moments of his life and is getting pulled in many directions non-stop. With no official date yet to announce his college decision, his senior year will have a lot to offer in pushing him towards his career goals.

As of now in the football world, it’s believed that the current favorites are leaning towards Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Miami, and Kentucky, according to 247Sports, although Campbell hasn’t yet announced a final short list of schools.

You can watch Javeon’s junior season HUDL highlights here if you please.

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