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Rob Dillingham Officially Cleared By NCAA To Play College Basketball

We can all breathe now after a long-awaited and confusing situation was finally resolved. Five-star Kentucky Basketball recruit Rob Dillingham has had his academic transcripts cleared by the NCAA, which will allow him to play at Kentucky in the 2023-2024 season.

After Dillingham's high season was canceled, he decided to transfer to the up-and-coming Overtime Elite Academy in Atlanta. After finishing his season there, rumors began floating around that he would be ruled academically ineligible to play at Kentucky by the NCAA. Now that those rumors are cleared up, all five of Kentucky's talented recruits will arrive on campus as scheduled this summer. I do think it is important to remember that Dillingham assured Kentucky that he would be there this summer and that his transcripts had no problems.

For the people who know about Dillingham, they know how explosive and fun to watch he can and will be. Though he may go through some rough patches and have a couple of bad games. If he can learn to play alongside players just as talented as he is, we are in for a great season coming up. With all of these talented freshmen coming in, and multiple experienced upperclassmen, this will be most likely one of John Calipari's last and best chances to bring number nine home to Lexington.

Obviously, having Rob Dillingham is way better than not having him, but be prepared to have frustration with him early on as he learns to play with other star players. But once he gets going, excitement will be at an all-time high. For now, let's continue to be positive as we look forward to this upcoming Kentucky Basketball Season.


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