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Rupp Arena Attendance Since 2009-10

It's no doubt that Kentucky fans care a lot about their Kentucky Basketball, like a lot, and I have stumbled upon some facts to back that claim up.

I've found the statistics from the last 12 seasons of Rupp Arena's attendance, and I promise you there isn't any other college basketball arena doing it better.

Since John Calipari stepped foot into those doors, 4,468,960 fans have came to watch a Kentucky game in person. 205 games averaging 21,799.8 (lets just bump this to 21,800 - can we?) fans in attendance... And these stats don't even include the current season!

Winning his first 54 home games and going 96-4 in his first one hundred, Calipari finally amassed 200 wins inside Rupp Arena as the Head Coach of Kentucky, after beating Tennessee on January 15th.

The brand of which Kentucky basketball has became over the last century is quite remarkable, and it has built the foundation for Rupp Arena to be the Mecca of college basketball. In 2009, John Calipari helped market this program back to national excellence, and it’s now sitting at the top of the throne, with the most wins all-time and the nations best fans to see it all unfold.

Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center has been undergoing renovations to the historic venue since December 2016, updating it and investing nearly $250 million dollars into it to keep it held to its self imposed standard - the best of the best - which has ultimately cut the seating to a 20,500 person capacity, with the goal of improving the experience for each one of those ticket holders.

If you’ve never experienced a game in Rupp Arena, I recommend you make the trip. While it often gets the rep of the lower arena being “old heads” who just clap and are generally quiet, which holds some truth, I can say that the fans do show up in big-time moments by voicing their emotions, and screaming for their beloved Cats. When Rupp is a rockin’, it’s a rockin’, and nowhere else compares.

As John Calipari says, “It’s just different here.”



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