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Sahvir Wheeler Exits LSU Game After Hard Hit

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Just minutes into Kentucky's first conference road game, Sahvir Wheeler had to exit the game after getting blindsided by a pick, leaving him laying on the court for a few minutes until getting helped by the staff back to the locker room.

John Calipari was asked if he could provide any kind of update on Wheeler, and he responded, "I don't know yet." The staff will likely announce tomorrow an update on his status, if not then it will be announced before the end of the week because the Cats play again on Saturday, when Sahvir's alma mater comes to town. "He's the engine to this thing," said Calipari.

Sahvir Wheeler is averaging 31 minutes a game, and contributing 10.3 points along with 7.8 assists each night. Hopeful he'll shake this off and return quickly because the team needs him.


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