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Sahvir Wheeler Injures His Right Knee During First Exhibition

Not even one official game in, just a single exhibition, and one of the basketball players are sidelined for the near future.

Kentucky’s Sahvir Wheeler re-aggravated his right knee against Missouri Western State on Sunday night when he was seen driving to the basket, buckling his knee and was spotted holding it and in a little pain right under the basket. The trip-up forced him to be helped over to the bench then momentarily taken back to the locker room to not return at all for the rest of the night.

You might remember, Sahvir also didn’t participate in the Blue-White game a week before due to that same knee.

In the postgame press conference last night, John Calipari was asked for an update on the injury, which of course he did not have because the game had just ended moments before. All that he said was that he didn’t have an update just yet, that he “hoped he’ll be okay.” The head coach didn’t seem overly concerned about it nor did it look that bad on the replay, so that makes me believe that it’s just a short term injury and he’ll likely be back for the first official game versus Howard.

While that’s not been confirmed, I do not expect him to play in the next exhibition game against Kentucky State University on November 3rd.

We’ll update you when more comes out on the Kentucky point guard.


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