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Sahvir Wheeler To Potentially Return In The NCAA Tournament

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Two-year Wildcat and former starting point guard, Sahvir Wheeler, appears to have a return to his team potentially set for the coming days. The Houston native has not played a game for Kentucky in well over a month, dating back to the Florida game on February 4. After Kentucky played their ninth consecutive game without him in the lineup last night, John Calipari says that he might return during Kentucky's NCAA Tournament run.

After losing to 6-seed Vanderbilt by seven points in the SEC Quarterfinals, the UK Head Coach said, "Hopefully he's going to be able to give us some minutes (in the NCAA Tournament)." John also mentioned that Sahvir Wheeler went through some drills in practice with the team the other day, so that's a great sign to hear after many were unsure if he'd ever even return this season. As you may remember, he originally went to the injury list with an ankle injury. But throughout his time off, he's been dealing with an additional issue that I don't believe is public news just yet, causing him to miss the Senior Night festivities against Vanderbilt and undergoing a "minor procedure" the morning of.

You can listen to his entire comments on the situation here.

Over his senior season he's averaged 7.7 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 5.6 assists a game on 41.7% shooting through 21 total games. Do you think we'll end up seeing him back in the tournament? Do you think that will be beneficial to this team if we do? With Cason Wallace playing on essentially one good leg, I don't see how it wouldn't be very helpful to this team to have him back in the rotation. Let's just hope he's borderline 100% and not forcing himself to play limited and through an injury as we saw Cason Wallace fighting through on Friday evening.

The 'First Round' of the NCAA Tournament is slated for March 16 & 17. Selection Sunday is tomorrow, March 12.



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