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Selection Committee Ranks Top 16 Teams

Now just three weeks and one day away from Selection Sunday, anticipation to see who and where Kentucky will play in the NCAA tournament is at an all-time high. With wide-ranging bracketology predictions all over the internet, some of the speculation can now be put to the side as the official NCAA selection committee has released their top 16 teams at the moment, which make up the top 4 seeds for each of the four regions.

Gonzaga, Auburn, Arizona, and Kansas make up the 1 seed line, while Kentucky comes in as a 2 seed. Cats were also the sixth overall selection into the bracket preview.

Here are the top 16 projected for the NCAA Tournament seeding:

1 SEEDS: Gonzaga, Auburn, Arizona, Kansas

2 SEEDS: Baylor, Kentucky, Purdue, Duke

3 SEEDS: Villanova, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Illinois

4 SEEDS: Wisconsin, UCLA, Providence, Texas

Here are the selections based by regions.

With ranked competition ahead, including Alabama, Arkansas, and the SEC Tournament, Kentucky can very well find their way into a 1 seed. They have a dominant head-to-head win over Kansas, so a few more Quadrant 1 wins can put them over the top.



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