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Shaedon Sharpe Announces He Will Keep His Name In The Draft, Won't Return To UK

Well, there you have it. Shaedon Sharpe doesn't dance around the question and essentially confirms he will keep his name in this years draft.

In a sit down interview with NBA Insider Shams Charania, Shaedon was asked a lot of questions about his draft prep and what his ultimate decision is on staying in or withdrawing and returning to school.

In the conversation, Shams asks, "What do you need to see over the next week to weeks to make the decision to stay in?"

Shadeon responds with, "Just getting the info back from teams that I want to hear. I feel like that really convinced me and pushed me to stay in the draft and declare." In a casual way, he announces he will keep his name in the draft. "I'm going for the No. 1 spot."

He becomes the first Wildcat since Enes Kanter to come to Kentucky and not play a single minute during his path to the NBA, except Enes was ruled ineligible by the NCAA and wanted to actually play. In this case, we aren't entirely sure Shaedon wanted to play here although the original plan was for him toplay. I mean, if so, he would be in Lexington next season, so I guess you can throw those statements out the door and call it a bluff to buy some awkward months in between his graduation and the NBA Draft.

While I hate the fact that he won't ever suit up for Kentucky, you have to feel as if it was a given that he would ultimately stay in the draft since he's projected as top-four pick. It makes complete sense for him to take that chance. It just sucks that Kentucky fans got used during the process.

The Canadian guard says any NBA team that selects him will "get a dude that wants to come in and compete every day, work hard, gonna get a dog, try to win every game and just get my teammates involved, and try to get dubs."

We can now officially close the book on the Shaedon Sharpe era in Lexington.


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