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Shaedon Sharpe Drafted By Portland Trailblazers

Well there you have it, Kentucky's Shaedon Sharpe has been drafted. Yes, Kentucky's Shaedon Sharpe because whether you like it or not - and I do not - the T.V. networks will still associate the school with his name until he finally gets settled into his new hometown. It is what it is, just part of the process.

Shaedon Sharpe was selected No. 7 overall by the Portland Trailblazers in the 2022 NBA Draft this evening. Only six months after arriving on campus does he find himself landing a job in the NBA. Pretty quick turnaround from High School to the big league, so you have to wonder if he'll have any adjustment to the pace of the game like most sane players would.

While his time in college will forever be a touchy subject for UK fans, rightfully so, it's done an over with and there's nothing anyone can do about it at this point in time. What will be interesting to see is how many fans will root for him throughout his professional career after all that has happened. Some seem to be fine with it while the majority aren't and likely won't support his endeavors.

We listed these two polls on one of our other accounts months back to poll the fanbase and gauge how they were feeling, so take this into consideration.

At the end of the day, congratulations to Shaedon Sharpe and I think we can all mutually agree that we wish that he could've suited up in a Kentucky uniform. He didn't, and it's time to move on and follow him (or don't) as he navigates through his career.

Do you think he’ll be a good fit in Portland?


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