Shaedon Sharpe: Exclusive Day 1 Notes

(UK Athletics)

Today, Shaedon Sharpe began his career with the Kentucky Basketball program. The 6'5 freshman from Canada spent this snowy Thursday in the Joe Craft Center getting acclimated with our current team, staff, and Coach Cal. A source within the program has allowed myself and the rest of Cats Coverage an exclusive inside look as to how that process went.

I'll quote my source exactly -- "Don't expect Shaedon anytime soon."

That will disappoint the majority of the BBN. Before his commitment and re-classification, not only was Sharpe the highest rated recruit in Kentucky's history, but he was also the highest rated recruit of the 247 Sports modern era according to his composite score of 100.0 (meaning he was the consensus #1 recruit by 247, Rivals, & ESPN) -- the first player to ever achieve that feat.

Shaedon went through a non-contact practice today, and according to personnel's first-impression, they were not sure if he would even play this season. According to the players & training staff, however, Sharpe's status is completely unknown.

As of now, the team is most concerned with his conditioning. Their number one priority with Shaedon is getting him in shape. The collegiate level of basketball is astronomically different from the high school level; and considering his last legitimate competitive basketball occurred back in Late July-Early August at the 2021 Nike Peach Jam, the team has realistic concerns about his physical abilities at the college-level.

That being said, no doubts were raised about his skillful-abilities. Sharpe is a player who has been compared to (by many) as a Malik Monk or Bradley Beal type of talent -- which are very high expectations. And based off what the team saw today, those are still very accurate expectations.

My source has told me that if Sharpe is to play this season, anticipate it to happen 3-4 weeks out from the SEC Tournament -- which is anywhere between our game at Kansas on January 29th, to at Tennessee on February 15th. Either of those games would be tremendous debuts.

The main theme as of now is to be patient with Shaedon.

When you really think about it, he may have the highest expectations of a freshman (not just in the Cal-era) but in Kentucky basketball history. In the pre-2015 days -- we truthfully had no standards -- we'd just come off of the Billy Clyde era, so anything we were given was viewed as a blessing. Now, being post-2015, having never made a Final Four since, and having never had a player of this caliber EVER, Shaedon has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

I truthfully do not see how you do not let Shaedon see the floor this year. In 2017, Hamidou Diallo did the same thing that Shaedon did this year (early enroll, but never played). The only difference was Hami was eligible for the draft (that's why Cal didn't play him in the 2017 Elite 8 against North Carolina when our team got in foul trouble) Shaedon, on the other hand, is not eligible for this years upcoming draft.

If Sharpe is physically ready for the college game, and can give us that jump from good to great this season, then I don't know how you do not play him.

Never in history has a team been given the opportunity to allow the #1 recruit in the country an early half-year of college experience. Think how great John Wall was, and imagine if he'd played the entire Spring of the 2009 season. That's the opportunity we are being presented with Shaedon Sharpe.

(UK Athletics)

The BBN is very pumped to get it started with you, Shaedon. Regardless, don't expect him to be the immediate answer for Sahvir Wheeler or TyTy Washington's injuries; but if he plays -- we'll see what's about to happen next.

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