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Shaedon Sharpe Has Made It To Campus

It’s about that time. Shaedon Sharpe has arrived on campus. "He arrived a few days ago." John Calipari says he was at practice today, and conducted an individual workout.

The 6’5 phenom out of Glendale, Arizona, and former No. 1 overall recruit out of the class of 2022 will eventually work his way into practicing with the team in the coming days.

"I want to see him in practice. It takes time to teach," said John Calipari after being asked when Sharpe will play. "He's not ready to be playing in games just yet." Of course, he means that he's just not been put into their offense yet, not that he's not skilled enough.

It’s not confirmed if he will play this season or not, and John Calipari said there was no plan to play him a few weeks ago. “We will just see how it goes, where he is at” once he finally arrived to campus.

Coincidentally, after Kentucky‘s loss at LSU Tuesday night, he also said Kentucky was “low in numbers” referencing to his roster. Could this be the perfect time to fit Shaedon Sharpe into the mix? I guess we’ll see. Sharpe won't be technically eligible until January 11th, when Kentucky plays Vanderbilt.


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