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Shaedon Sharpe's First Interview At UK

The Kentucky Men's Basketball social media account released an interview of CJ Fredrick sitting down with Shaedon Sharpe to discuss his experience in Lexington throughout his first 3+ weeks there. It is a continuing All-Access feature that the program has provided each season through different "hosts" on the team - this year it happens to be sidelined (injury) CJ Fredrick.

Shaedon says he's enjoying being at Kentucky so far. "It's cool. At first it was a little overwhelming but now it's just chill."

Shaedon says his favorite NBA player is Devin Booker, which racks him up some off-the-court points within the fanbase. He also discusses his favorite NBA team, weighs in on the MJ/LeBron debate, and confirms what his favorite food is. Also, he has a nickname throughout the team?

Watch Episode 2 of Kentucky's 'All-Access' as CJ pulls some information out of Shaedon Sharpe.



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