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Six More Wildcats Enter The National Football League

The NBA and NFL Drafts are always so exciting because you get to watch the players you followed all season long - some for multiple seasons - and have invested so much of your every day routine into reading, listening and watching content surrounding them find ultimate success. You almost feel as if you know some of them whether you have ever actually met them or not. When the draft finally gets here, you root for them to get drafted and watch their own lives become changed in a single second, realizing that all of their hardwork finally paid off. It truly is a special moment and they never get old.

During the 2022 NFL Draft, Kentucky had around 8 players they thought had the chance to get drafted after the NFL Scouting Combine took place just a few weeks before. After all the rounds were concluded, only three Wildcats heard their name called - one in the 2nd round, one in the 3rd and one in the 5th.

UK Football 2022 Draft Picks

Round 2 - Pick 43: Wide-Receiver, Wan'Dale Robinson

Round 3 - Pick 65: Center, Luke Fortner

Round 5 - Pick 145: Offensive Tackle, Darian Kinnard

Kentucky only had three draft picks this year, but once the draft officially ended it didn't stop there. At the time of this post, which is 10 p.m. on the final day of the draft, Kentucky had three more players get picked up on undrafted free agent deals, joining their teammates in being professional football players.

Marquan McCall (Carolina Panthers), Yusuf Corker (New York Giants) and Justin Rigg (Cincinnati Bengals) each got the phone call. That now meant six different Wildcats from last years team had made it to the next level... talk about "recruit and develop" by the coaching staff at Kentucky!

The cherry on top of all of that was watching the national media give their own praise to the UK football program through each night. Writers for ESPN, individual NFL teams and many other huge outlets were toasting to what's getting accomplished in Lexington and it only fuels us for what's going to come in the upcoming season. With a returning Will Levis and multiple new faces starting on both sides of the football, it has the potential to be once again another great season for the Cats.

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