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Spring Practice Has Begun For Kentucky Football

Kind of hard to believe but spring practice has finally arrived for the University of Kentucky's football program. Today is the first day of spring and also was the first day of Spring Practice. In the post-practice press conference, head coach Mark Stoops appeared to be pretty pleased with what he saw out of his new group.

Here are some of his comments from the afternoon.

"Overall, the first day went really well. We have players that have played a lot of defense for us and we need that experience but we have a mix because there are a lot of good newcomers. I felt really good about their conditioning coming off of the winter months."

Mark Stoops elaborated a little bit about the incoming offense as well in his post-practice press conference saying, "I was really happy about the tempo as well, I felt like we were able to get a lot of plays off so things are going well and we're off to a good start."

He also sparked up talk about the veteran leadership within the quarterback position. "You have Brock (Vandagriff) and Beau (Allen) that have a lot of experience and with Brock coming from Georgia with such a complex offense it makes it nice for him. He really works hard and from an operation standpoint I have full confidence in him."

The one thing I have noticed about Mark Stoops in his tenure at Kentucky is that he doesn't sugarcoat anything. If he is unpleased with practice, games, media, etc., he will let it be known. That being said, I know it is extremely early but it is nice to hear that the Head Coach is happy with how day one went in regards to conditioning, tempo of the offense, wide receivers, amongst many other things that took place.

Stoops also dropped a little nugget as well in his post-practice presser about Kentucky defensive backs coach, Chris Collins.

Stoops has made the decision to promote Collins to Co-Defensive Coordinator to work alongside Brad White. This is what Stoops had to say about that decision.

"Chris Collins, while talking about the corners, has been promoted to Co-Defensive Coordinator. Brad (White) will obviously be Defensive Coordinator and nothing in his role will change. It is more so of helping Chris because he has earned it."

I don't disagree with Mark Stoops on his decision to promote Chris Collins. In his three seasons with Kentucky, he has managed to develop a very accomplished group of defensive backs in Carrington Valentine, Keidron Smith, Maxwell Hairston, and Andru Phillips. This kind of development has to be noted and Mark did the right thing in my opinion by promoting Collins in reward. More in-depth repetition, getting to learn right under Brad White on the sideline of the SEC, it's all a great idea. Why not?

Now, this is not scoop or anything like that, but one has to be curious as to if this was a move just to set him (Chris Collins) up for the future in that role for when and if Brad White was to leave the program and needed a quick replacement.

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