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Taj Harris Picks Kentucky

The Kentucky Wildcats land another huge transfer in Taj Harris, a wide receiver from the University of Syracuse.

Harris, which is one of the best transfers in the portal, will finish the semester at Syracuse before enrolling at UK in January. Harris had multiple offers from many other big time programs such as Ole Miss, Utah, Louisville, Auburn, Mississippi State, etc.

In Harris’ 37 games played for Syracuse he managed to rack up over 2,000 yards receiving as well as 10 touchdowns to go along with that. He was named to the 2020 ALL-ACC third team. The wide receiver class of 2022 will definitely need some veteran leadership and will get that in Harris, this comes right after Dane Key committed to Kentucky less than two weeks ago. Kentucky is also said to be in the lead for recruit Barion Brown which would make for a loaded WR class.

You can already see the recruiting affects from landing offensive coordinator Liam Coen. His style of offense is very appealing to recruits such as Dane Key and Taj Harris. I can already guarantee you that Harris will be a key component to the offense next season with hopefully more pieces (Brown) to fall here shortly.



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