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Tayvion Robinson Returns To Kentucky

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Just moments ago, Kentucky wide-receiver Tayvion Robinson announced to social media that he will be returning to Kentucky as a fifth-year senior. The 5'11" transfer from Virginia Tech had a decent year last season with Kentucky, after all things considered. He pulled in 40 receptions for nearly five-hundred yards receiving and managed to score 3 touchdowns as well.

Over Robinson's four-year career, with both Virginia Tech and Kentucky, he has managed 157 receptions for over 2000 yards and 12 touchdowns. Now he gets another chance at showing his talents with another elite quarterback in Devin Leary who transferred in from NC State. He also has the potential of getting to play under rumored Offensive Coordinator Liam Coen, who is expected to make a return to the staff. Tayvion Robinson is able to have this fifth-year of eligibility due to the extra year players received due to COVID.

Tayvion coming back is a huge boost to the already highly-talented offense Kentucky has going into 2023 calendar year. He'll be competing hard against some elite talent to get playing time against names such as Barion Brown, Dane Key, Anthony Brown, Dekel Crowdus and Shamar Porter, while owning his veteran status to the team. This competition will be good for the players, as well as the Kentucky coaching staff, as the competition will reveal who has put in the work to earn the starting positions since they are approached as 'up in the air' each spring.



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