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Team USA (UK) Defeats Canada In Global Jam Game 4

A perfect 4-0 put the Kentucky Wildcats into gold medal status as they defeated Canada twice, Germany, and Africa in their path to win the Global Jam. Kentucky now moves to 150-12 all-time in exhibition games, having won 29 straight. And under John Calipari they're 47-1 overall.

Justin Edwards took charge with the most points scored (23), which put Antonio Reeves - who led in scoring in the three other games - right behind with 18, tied with Tre Mitchell. Here is the full stat sheet from the Gold Medal Game.

The basketball team will now head back into the offseason and we unfortunately will have to wait over three full months until we start seeing live action of this team again. It sure was fun this week and there is definitely a lot to be excited about. Of course we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves from watching some summer exhibition games, but the teams they faced were solid opponents and without a doubt teams that you can learn something about yourself from. I like what our team displayed against them.

While we are forced to enter back into the depths of the summer, I guess we'll just have to ponder over every social media clip that gets put out until they return to the court... See you soon, Big Blue Madness.


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